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I have these tendencies to be more attracted to capturing candid, real life moments of my kids.  I do it all the time.  Much the like first pic below. (which I took a few weeks ago and LOVE.)  I know I’ll treasure the real moments more than anything else in coming years… but lately I have been thinking of how important a classic portrait is. I always get some classic portraits at sessions for clients, but I realized I never take them of my own children.  I have never really been one ask them to smile for the camera or anything.  I love grabbing their everyday so much, it never really seemed important. But suddenly I realized that I need a pic to give my husband for his office and I might want one that looks more standard to give to family or you know, just to look at when I’m older.

So I took ten minutes and took them to my daughter’s room… (which get’s the best light in the house) and just went for it.  They have tendencies to be goofy and I have a healthy habit of capturing real moments, so I came away with these and I have to say, I love the mix of classic and silly. I love that they sang and pushed each other around and laughed and even hugged each other without me asking.  I think I’ll try to make more of an effort to do this at least once I year.

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  • Jennifer Terry - Man these are good! I’m such a sucker for a classic portrait. The last image takes my breath away!ReplyCancel

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