a sweet review.

I just have no words for how much this letter means to me.

I had to share.

“Picking Lori as my photographer wasn’t even a choice. We have had previous photos done by her and they were heart-meltingly perfect. Without even knowing them, she captured my girl’s personalities in ways that no other pictures of them have before or since. When you look at her portfolio you get transported to another world where people are turned into romantic, magical groups and love is showcased without abandon. She paints with her camera shots that need to be not forgotten, shots that catch your breath, shots that make the chaos of ordinary life stop and make you appreciate the little things.

When we scheduled our photo shoot I knew that I wanted to do a lifestyle shoot. I wanted her to come into our home and shoot what our daily lives look like. I knew that these were going to be pictures of two of the most important things in my life; family and home. I needed to have these moments in print. The moment my 6 year old was still 6 and sleepy eyed when she woke up, dragging her blanket, which was once mine, down the stairs for her morning hug. The moment my 12 year old found a sunny spot on the couch to snuggle up with our dog and read her book, like she does every morning. The moment, in between the chaos of making Saturday morning pancakes, my husband folds me into his arms and we run away back to the quietness of when it was just the two of us. I knew I needed these moments to be photographed to fall back on when it does go back to the quietness of it just being the two of us. YET, what I asked Lori for was to reproduce a copy of something I had seen on Pinterest. Literally, I had emailed her a photo of some family in their perfect granite kitchen, dressed in their “casual” clothes of matching sweaters, “cooking” some sort of food that had no ingredients, and smiling to the camera. She so politely explained to me that if I wanted to remember my family, that I just needed to let go of any ideas that I might have and let her come in and show me what my family really looks like. The shoot was effortless. I cleaned just as much as I felt necessary and let the rest be “personality.” It was easy to forget that she was there and let the Saturday morning progress as normal. After we were done, I was so worried that she didn’t get enough “good” shots; shots that I could frame on the wall or give as Christmas presents. I felt like it was just a normal Saturday and she hadn’t captured anything special enough to print. How cool can making bisquick pancakes look? After we got the photos back, do you know what I saw? She found love. In everything that we did that morning, she found love. The love of a stuffed animal, the love of my well worn Pyrex, the love of my husband and I, the love of our pets, the love of our worn in home, the love of morning coffee on the porch, fresh bloomed flowers in my garden, cartwheels in the back yard, what its like to read a story to your child and being able to watch them experience the magic of the book. She found snuggles, and laughter, and pillow fights. She found my family, full of love and magic.

Memories that will slip through my fingers like water, Lori gave me forever to remember.”

To see a full post of her session, click here.


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