faves of my family~ 2014

The whole reason I ever picked up a camera in the first place was to document my own family. Every year, I make what I call our family’s yearbook. I was telling a friend about it the other day and she suggested it’s something that should be shared to inspire others. So, here we go!
Every time I upload pictures onto my computer I sort them into folders by month. So every photo I’ll take this month (again, personal photos) are put into a folder called January2015. I edit as I go. At the end of the year, I have 12 folders, with edited photos of birthday parties and vacations and lazy days playing outside, details of whatever fashionable item my daughter is obsessed with at the moment… snow days… our whole year.
Then I go to this site and create a photo book.  It’s easy and only costs around 50-60 bucks in the end.
It’s not fun to spend all the time creating it, I’ll be honest.  But it’s worth it to hold your memories in your hands. To know my kids will look through them later. To know that my memories won’t die with my hard drive someday.

Make something tangible with your photos! And if you ever want tips on taking better photos yourself, please email me for a totally affordable one on one class! lori@loriallenphotography.com.
This year was full of so many new things.  My girl insisted on wearing rainbow leg warmers almost daily. My son became a big kid who wasn’t too interested in having his picture taken…  This is real life, day to day stuff.  Things I don’t wanna forget.  A mixture of film and digital. All in all, I looked through these to make my book and it was nice to see the year behind us… how much they’ve grown… how my eye has changed and grown more mature.  There is value in looking backwards sometimes. 🙂

And on that note, here are a few of my faves from 2014.
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  • carmen - i love all of them but the portrait shot of the two of them is absolutely BEAUTIFUL…ahhhhh.ReplyCancel

  • Sadie - These are beautiful! I love the editing choices you make and the one of the legs in the cereal aisle stop me in my tracks. Such good work! (I have like 7 favorites.)ReplyCancel

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