Summer is my favorite season. I love the heat, the water, the way the world seems more open for exploring. I love how the crepe myrtles bloom up and down our street and the fireflies come out. How a chore like watering the garden turns into naked,wet,giggling children and how it gets dark later so there’s more time to enjoy every day.
We got to visit my brother and his beautiful family early in the month. They live in the most beautiful mountainous area, and my son ran amuck with his cousins for a few days. My daughter is the baby and the only girl, so she was adored beyond measure.
We had a lemonade stand and raised money for charity with our neighbor friends.
We visited a farm b&b and it was fantastic.
It was called Belle Meade Farm. You get to stay in a restored Victorian house and live and play on a working farm for a few days. I would highly recommend going there. It was just magical. Horses came right up to us, there were butterflies everywhere, but my kid’s favorite part was that they had a pool. I got a new underwater camera, so that was fine with me. Those were some if my favorite images from this month.
Thanks for reading about my sweet little family’s adventures!

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  • Candice Carpenter - Great pictures! Especially the one of the boys on the rocks!ReplyCancel

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