Things have been quiet here. The craziness of portrait season came upon me in October, then the holidays. So I got behind on my own work… my personal work… So here is a reminder of how beautiful fall was.

Thanksgiving at  my big brother’s house was one of those that I’m sure I’ll remember forever. The kids are small, but big enough to play together, to sit happily through the 5+ hour drive because they are so excited to see each other.  They laughed, they made big messes and ran around the big yard on the side of a mountain that my brother lives on and played with sticks like little boys should.
The turkey cooked slow, all night, and infused the house with this aroma that was beyond wonderful.

The time I get with these people is scarce. It’s only a few times a year. But it’s rich, being surrounded by those who share your blood, who know your life and your dreams.  Who love your children as their own and see the same magic in their smiles.   To see my dad light up when surrounded by all of his grandchildren and how his smile just never faded the whole time… makes my heart happy again just remembering.
I will take those days and tuck them into my heart and keep them there to visit on lonely ones.
Belonging is a beautiful thing.

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Oh, and someone very special turned 2 that month!!!17Pin this18Pin this19Pin this

  • Crystal Godwin - Aww, these are so special. I love how you capture simple moments so beautifully. 🙂 ReplyCancel

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