Sarah & Ethan

I took a year off from weddings last year… after this one.   I’m gonna be really honest here. I was in a place where I was contemplating not doing them any longer.  I love them, but I wanted to focus on my family and my family work for a while.  I consider family my specialty,  but the more I think about it, I think I specialize in a specific type of client.  Not necessarily the occasion they are having me photograph. This wedding taught me that. I enjoyed shooting it SO much. That being said,  I’m ready to take on some weddings! I’m looking for clients who are laid back, who value capturing the emotion in their day more than any posed photo.

email me for more info!

This wedding was at the Historic Mankin Mansion. near Richmond, VA.  It was an incredible location.  I have never seen a staff so on point.  It’s obvious weddings are their game. I had a great second shooter, Sarah Street Photography.  The family was so welcoming and fun.  And being that I love kids, I loved seeing all the little ones dancing on the dance floor.   All the vintage inspired style and the bride’s taste was just so similar to my own that I couldn’t help but adore all the details.
I’m so happy to finally show off this incredible day.

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  • Dayna Monteleone - Thank you so much for sharing your story! You did an fantastic job on capturing every detail. It was amazing working on the flowers for this sweet couple. You made the flowers look so beautiful through your lens. Thank you! I look forward to seeing some more of your work in the future then…

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