September at my house

Finally posting about our month of September, better late than never! 🙂
It was eventful! My boy had his first day of Kindergarten…

september-2Pin thisseptember-10Pin this

There were mid day sink baths…september-16Pin thisseptember-27Pin this

We crafted creepy masks and played outside in them… september-37Pin this

We hid our eyes and played hide and seek.september-38Pin this

There was skateboarding and chalk drawing and playing with the hose on hot days… september-43Pin thisseptember-44Pin thisseptember-47Pin thisseptember-48Pin thisseptember-56Pin thisseptember-60Pin thisseptember-63aPin thisseptember-66Pin this

My son is trying hard to learn to ride his bike on two wheels… it’s hasn’t happened yet, but it will. He’s determined.september-68Pin this

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