What to Wear

Coordinate but don’t match. When styling a photo session, I like to start out with a basic color palette and go from there. You can do this with a neutral and a few colorful brights, or try a softer palette that has different tonal ranges of the same shades. When in doubt, keep it simple. Neutral tones are my favorites… mix and match patterns and textures… I love how creams photograph better than whites. Try to include special things… a favorite blankie or stuffed animal… or if your son insists on wearing the rain boots he’s worn everyday for 3 months, let him. You’ll want to remember them someday. Keep in mind that a really big bow on a little girls head may distract from her perfect little face. Remember that the pictures are about the people, not the clothes, so try to keep them as simple and neutral as possible. I love dresses on girls…. and no logos on shirts and no shorts on guys are good to keep in mind. Keep in mind your environment. If you have decided on a beach session, try not to look too dressed up or for an in home session, try to not over think it and just wear something simple. And newborn babies are best in just a diaper, but please get out all of your cutest blankets!

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