Wildflowers in Nashville

So about a year and a half ago I went to a beautiful photo workshop in Asheville, NC  held by Joy Prouty of Wildflowers Photography. She’s one of my photography heroes so I was beside myself excited to go. I expected to learn a lot, to be inspired… and yes, those things happened.  What I did not expect was that I would come away with a group of friends from all over that I felt so close to. We spent a short time together and the bond we formed was strong…  I know that if I travel through any of their hometowns, I’ll have a place to stay. I know if I’m in a creative slump, I can confide in them and they will offer inspiration.

When Joy mentioned on IG that she was hosting a workshop in Nashville, TN in December, we all joked that we would just go again.  Well, my friend Alissa Saylor  lives in Nashville and she organized a fantastic reunion at the cutest little house.

We baked, we went out and learned to line dance,  we laughed, we went antiquing, out lunch at country restaurants… we went to Joy’s place for a big italian dinner and Dirty Santa game and late night chatting. WE shared our different holiday traditions. We stayed up late and had heart to hearts. It was therapeutic. Everything I needed at that time.
I brought my gear along with intentions of taking pictures just for me… not to share here. I took some digital, some film, they are all mixed together here. It turned out that I had a collection of photos that I didn’t want to just keep to myself.
So here are some of my dear friends, the cute house we stayed in… Along with some shots of the very coolest treehouse I ever did see that was at Joy’s place.
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  • Jennifer Carroll - These are so beautiful, Lori!! Such gorgeous images… And that last one! The best!ReplyCancel

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