You’re already home if you feel loved.

Oh, this family is just too beautiful.  I told them I wanted to just come to their house and capture their everyday.  To be a fly on the wall. I loved that when I got there, the boys were in their play clothes and dad was cooking meatballs.  Mom was looking beautiful with her hair pulled up.
Pretty much right away the clouds rolled in and it got DARK. Very dark… in the early afternoon!  So I was working with very little light, but I still loved this session and I had to share.  We built forts and had tickle fights… we played with cars and ran outside in rain boots. It was so fun. Fortunately, the clouds went away and we had a little time to play outside at the end.
It’s a beautiful thing to have these moments… My family had an in home session a few years back and when I first got the photos I thought, well, this is beautiful, but it’s my everyday… but funny enough, even a year later I was gushing over how little my kids looked, how out decor had changed in our home… how nice it was to be able to step back into that time in our lives, because things are always changing… always.
In the winter (January-February-March)  I’ll be offering 10% off in home sessions and those packages will come with an 40 page album to tell your story.  Please inquire by email if you are interested. Happy Friday!

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