A lazy afternoon…

This is beautiful inside and out Autumn and her adorable family. I went to high school with Autumn and her

sunshine and rainbows

I was going through some sessions from last summer and felt the need to share some of this one… a mix of film and

Sarah & Ethan

I took a year off from weddings last year… after this one.   I’m gonna be really honest here. I was in a

a sweet review.

I just have no words for how much this letter means to me. I had to share. “Picking Lori as my photographer

faves of my family~ 2014

The whole reason I ever picked up a camera in the first place was to document my own family. Every year, I make what I

Nothing is worth more than this day.

Sometimes in life you meet someone that just gets you. Someone that might as well be your sibling because that’s